Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Freebie!

I just posted a new freebie! Click here to check it out!

I announced the winners of the giveaway on Sunday - read about it here. I'm also working on completely changing my personal photography logo, website, and blog. *bits lips nervously* I love blog design, but it seems that even when I can design really well for other people, I have a hard time doing it for myself. =P Well, we'll see how it goes. ;)

I finished Katie's watermark and signature a few days ago. She wanted daisies incorporated in the design, so I took a photo of a daisy, converted it to gray scale, applied a drawing filter, and fiddled with the coloring until I liked it! It was fun and easy to do and I really enjoyed it. ;) Go check out her blog!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Want to Win a Free Makeover?

Well, it happened, folks. I decided to have my first giveaway over at my main blog, Hannah Rose Photography. I'll be giving away two CDs, one necklace, and one "Whole Shoot 'n Match" design package! For complete instructions on how to enter, click here.

Have fun!