Monday, February 28, 2011

Holly and Christine–New Designs!

I’ve had a great time working with some very fun, sweet ladies for past two weeks. Of the four or five designs that I’ve been working on, two have been finished in the past two days!


I was very excited to work on Christine’s blog. She won a design package from my New year’s giveaway – and I tried a different kind of header with hers. We started with a logo and went on from there – developing a top-and-side header, complete with some of her photos. Christine was incredibly patient with me as I worked out the kinks that invariably came with designing a completely different header – it was a pleasure to work with her! Check out her blog and leave her some love!

Fullscreen capture 2252011 100353 PM.bmp



I had a great time working with Holly. She had heard about Beauty {free blog designs} through Stephanie Smidt, and she ordered the Sweet and Simple package, a logo, and a floating header. She wanted brown and pink as her colors, and I had fun using those colors in her entire design. The whole process went very quickly – in less than 24 hours we’d finished it all and I’d installed it!! She was very sweet and easy to work with – check out her blog and maybe follow it!!

Fullscreen capture 2282011 33400 PM.bmp


Be looking for more portfolio posts – there are plenty to come! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out my packages - you could have a design just like these two for as little as $14!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just an Update

Just wanted to check in! This week has been very busy and productive for me - design-wise and school-wise. ;) I've been so thankful that I've been able to get back into a pretty solid routine - motivation, discipline, and sleep have been pretty lacking during the past few weeks. So I am so grateful that the Lord has restored my determination to complete my tasks quickly and thoroughly.

In design terms I've been working on some exciting projects!! =D Allie and I are working on her blog - with some special extras; and Christine and I are working on fine-tuning her design! Both designs are new and special in their own way - and you'll be able to see the finished designs in about a week! For now here's a sneak peek of one of the designs -

In other news I've been going through all the submitted forms from October to last week. When I began this business in October of 2010 I had absolutely no idea that it would be even mildly popular - I was hoping for just one or two design requests!! Well, I was completely and totally surprised to receive my first two requests the night I launched the blog and as I continued to receive an average of five requests a week. Since then I've changed a lot on this blog - I've added and modified packages, started charging fees, and reorganized the whole blog. Because of all that organizing I ended up getting a bit disorganized (I know, I know - sounds very contadictory!! =D) with all the orders.

So I want to let you all know that I am going through all the forms, finding those that ask only for accessories, or "A la Carte" items, and I will be designing those in the next week or two. I've also been able to get a better schedule for myself to follow.
And because of that, you wonderful people who are waiting so patiently for your designs will receive them sooner than I had originally planned.
 I can tell you, though, that if there is an advantage to your long wait it is that your design will be much better than it would have been had I done it a few months ago!! =D So thank you all for your incredible patience with me as I have figured out this business and put you all through the wringer with my frequent changes and adjustments!! You all are the best.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stephanie's Photography Blog

A few months ago Stephanie, one of my dear friends from Minnesota, asked if I would design her photography blog for her. =D We started working on her logo first, and after that came the watermark and overall blog design. Steph wanted her colors to be burgundy, silver, and black - some of my favorite colors to work with! ;) We had a lot of fun working on it - it was also fun to catch up via email!

Stephanie is a professional photographer and does absolutely beautiful work - go check out her blog, and maybe follow it! =D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Back Again, So It Would Seem

I ended up putting the new packages up tonight - I felt it would be best. ;) The new special package? The Photographer's Special - including a custom website, matching blog, logo, and watermark! Check 'em out!

*Note: Those who have already ordered a blog design will still receive their package for the same price, with the same parts. These new packages and prices apply only to those who order on or after 2-9-11. So if you ordered before you read this post, you have nothing to worry about!! Questions? Don't hesitate to email me at!*


I'm back with a new design for the portfolio! Lauren from Spinning Barefoot won a design package through Iona's giveaway - and we just finished it! She also got a very neat drop-down menu with her design - and I am now designing these seperately for only $4 apiece - they're the new addition to the "shop!" So be sure to take a look at that.

 Check out Lauren's blog and leave her some love!

I'm also working on adding some packages...*hint - one will have to do with photographers...and will be extra-special!!* So be looking for those.

What tutorial do you guys want next? Feel free to comment and tell me, or you can use the chat box on the tutorials page sidebar to let me know! I'll be putting up a new tutorial, based on your requests, by the end of the month.

ALSO, I completed designing my new logo, website, and blog for! I'm very excited about it - and I'd love for you to check it out and tell me what you think! *hint #2 - the new site has something to do with the package!!!*

That's all for now, but I'll be back in a few days with some new, very cool, designs for some very cool people!! ;)