Friday, September 16, 2011

It Doesn’t Rain But it Pours {or, “Sorry for Disappearing”}

I just dropped off the face of the earth last month, didn’t I? Sorry about that – it wasn’t planned. ;) But it happens, unfortunately – dropping off the earth, that is. Good news is that I’m back, and I’m going to do my best to stay on top of all my blogs! =D And because I’ve been gone so long, you all are going to be bombarded with freebies and lots of new blog designs for the portfolio. The freebies are up here - – and here -

I loved working with all my clients these past two months – they were all wonderful to work with, and the process was fun. Be sure to check out their websites and blogs!

Holly and I are still working on putting up site content, but the design of the website is complete! It was great creating a more crafty-looking design.

Fullscreen capture 9162011 40304 PM.bmp

Stay-At-Home Daughter was my first Wordpress design, and Ashley was so sweet and gracious with me as I worked with her on her blog design!

Fullscreen capture 9162011 34617 PM.bmp

I re-designed the Bloom! Magazine staff blog to match the new website, and enjoyed the challenge of matching everything up. ;) Don’t forget to visit the new website, too, designed by Amanda from!

Fullscreen capture 9162011 32833 PM.bmp

It was an honor to design Emily’s blog for her – and it was fun creating the summery theme!

Fullscreen capture 9162011 32759 PM.bmp

Ellie was so sweet and fun to work with! The designing process went very quickly – and I loved playing around with a different color palette.

Fullscreen capture 9162011 32752 PM.bmp

It was a great honor to design CWRC’s website. Check out the site – there’s some great material up there!

Fullscreen capture 9162011 40140 PM.bmp

(And P.S. – I just created an account on DeviantArt! Do you have one too? I’d love to connect with you there! My page –