Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Change of Plans

Don't worry - I'm not changing anything big. =) I just wanted to let you all know that after completing Kristen's blog design and Lauren's header and button, I'm going to take a break from designing until December. All of you wonderful girls who are further down on the wait list - yes! I'm still going to do yours - just not as early as I had originally hoped.

My reasons? Well, the first one is school. I really need to be devoting more time to it. Second is my book. =) Writing it and doing all the necessary research for a historical-fiction novel is really a lot. My third reason is the most exciting one. (well, to me.) I will be working on re-designing this design blog - completely revamping it. I feel like my design blog should 'show off' the best of my designing abilites, and I feel that right now it doesn't. So, coming later this month, a new blog design and name!

ALSO, to reward you girls for your tremendous patience with me, I will work on at least one free background and header, AND a tutorial. When I release the new site, I will have a poll up so you all can tell me what you want to see a tutorial on...and in December I will put up the background(s) and header(s) for anyone to download!

Do realize that I am not trying to be lazy with you girls at all - in fact, if i could, I would do all your designs now. =) It really is just circumstances that I don't really have control over.

I am really excited about working on all of your designs! I have been learning so much about blog design, and I feel that taking a month to learn more will really be a benefit - I will be able to provide all of you with a more "finished" blog than I would if I did it now.

So, to end this long post (so sorry!) just know that I am looking forward to designing each and every one of your blogs, and cannot wait to get back to it in December! =) I really appreciate you all trusting me to make your blog "you," it is a big task that I am honored to have!


Jessica said...

Wow you are definitely wise to realize these things! =) I've been busy with so many things like you are and finally I just had to stop and say, "ENOUGH!" I was getting so burnt out I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do well. It's been a lot better since I've calmed everything down. :)
Best wishes to you dear Hannah!

Maeve said...

That's okay. I appreciate you letting us know what's going on!


Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Thanks, guys! (and thanks for understanding, Maeve) =)