Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Explanation

I have something very important and exciting to tell you all – something that will explain my *ahem* rather slow progress design-wise for the past two weeks. Ready?

I am in the process of rewriting/editing/refining my historical fiction novel, With a War Between Them.

finalcoverbigger-half-smallishSome of you already know that – but what I’m excited about is how quickly this is all going. I started NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) on the twentieth, (it began on the 1st) and have already logged fifty hours of editing! And I have been so blessed to have the words just come – everything is flowing so smoothly that I’m amazed.

How does this relate to designing? Well, my goal is to have my book completely edited and ready for publishing in four or five months, and because of that big goal, I’ve been spending much more time writing. In fact, on Monday that was all I did! So designing has gotten a little less attention from me recently. (This is the problem with having four major hobbies. ;)  ) I’m working out a schedule, though, and the pace will be picking up in the next week. Right now I’m working with about four lovely ladies, and you can be looking for posts in the next week with photos of their designs!

So, that was the newsflash for the day. Are you curious about my project? If so, you can check out my profile on Inkpop (a writing community with more info about my and my book) and read the first chapter from my book. You can also check out my writing blog if that interests you. =D Thank you all for your patience and great support!!


Katie Church said...

Hey Hannah!
Your book sounds wonderful! I can hardly wait to read the whole thing! You have a guaranteed buyer when it's published! ;)
With love, Katie C

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Haha thank you Katie!! =D

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read it!! ;-) I just love anything historical fiction or nonfiction.

It sounds really great and the cover looks so professional. :D