Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Fresh Look for Everyone

Well, many bloggers have been getting new looks this week, including me! I finished Kendra’s design up a week or two ago. The process went very quickly, and I do like the finished product if I do say so myself. ;) The design is actually down for now – she’s experimenting with different things – but do check out her blog! =)

Fullscreen capture 3142011 44921 PM.bmp

Another design I just finished was for Jenny’s blog. We took our time fine-tuning everything until it was perfect! =) This design was different for me – it’s definitely more simple and fresh. I enjoyed doing it, and it was a pleasure to work with Jenny! Check out her blog.

Fullscreen capture 452011 13128 PM.bmp

In other news, there’s another tutorial up on the blog, and while you’re browsing, would you mind voting on the polls I have in the sidebar? I just changed my drop-down menu (the one in the sidebar), and it should work in all browsers. If it does, I’ll do a new tutorial on drop-down menus, but if it doesn’t we’ll have to wait and figure something else out. =) So vote and tell me if it’s working! (Note: only vote on the second poll it the menu does not work. Thank you all!)

*I am planning to have a sale very soon, and will be releasing some new packages as well! And there might be a giveaway involved…so keep checking back!*


Emily Grace said...

The new design looks great, Hannah!

And please ignore the 'chrome' vote on the second poll--apparently I can't read! =P lol. The menu works perfectly for me. =)

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Thank you Emily!! =D Haha - that's just fine! So glad it works for you. ;)

jenny said...

Love my design as well, Hannah. Thanks so much!