Monday, May 16, 2011

It’s a Wide Field…

…designing is. Clothes, web, interior…and this week I’ll be switching gears from graphic to sewing. Some of you know that I am entering the JoAnn prom dress contest this year, and I’ll be taking the next few days to finish that up! Because of that, I’ll be pretty much completely absent from the designing world. I’ll be back either late this week or early next week – with photos of the finished dress! ;)

There are so many designs in the works right now, and I’m having a blast doing them. There are about seven ladies who are working with me right now, and some of their designs are almost complete. Photos are coming soon of the finished designs!

Our designers’ community is growing rapidly, which is so exciting to me! We’re already enjoying hearing from all kinds of designers about who they are, and how to excel at graphic design. Be sure to check that area out if you haven’t! And there are some more freebies for you (Owl City wallpapers, to be exact ;) ) here.

*Those of you who I am currently working with – I will not stop the process this week, but it will slow down considerably. Don’t worry though – I’ll be fully back in just a few days! ;)*


revotourgirl said...

Hey! I just LOVE your blog! I have one too!
come check it out!
Thanks, Angel

Marianela said...

Hope you do well with the JoAnn prom dess contest!

Btw, Lucia from "From Under My Little Umbrella" sent me here. :)

Holly Lou said...

So excited to find your blog from my friend Lucia Marie!

Carla said...

Hi Hannah!

Your blog and designs are amazing. I found your blog through Lucia at "From Under My Little Umbrella," and if I don't win her giveaway. ;) I am seriously considering a purchase!