Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know what you’re thinking - “Aw, no! Not again!! Is this girl crazy or what?” Yes, the time has come again to make some changes.

So, obviously, I have changed the name, design, domain, and packages. Very quickly – we are now Beauty Design Studios, the complete url is http://www.beautydesignstudios.com, and most important of all, I have removed the free package.

I knew this day would come, but I still wish I could leave the free package up. Why can’t I? Well, I unfortunately just don’t have the time. It was so fun for me to offer free designs, and I really enjoyed it, but with all the things that need doing in my life, I need to shore up my packages. And just to remind everyone – those who have ordered free packages are still getting them free of charge. This loss of the free package only affects those who have not ordered yet.

So, check out the rest of the site! I have made changes to nearly every page. And let me know how you like the new name and design!

But…before doing that, look at Iona’s blog. We finished up her design a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed working with her again!

Fullscreen capture 5272011 51351 PM.bmp

And I just finished designing a website for my Dad’s latest book. (Note that the video on the front page is currently under construction)

Fullscreen capture 5312011 11542 PM.bmp

And as if that weren’t enough, I went and redid my own blog and website! (At least I’m getting some good practice that you all will benefit from. ;) Hopefully.

Fullscreen capture 5312011 11642 PM.bmp


She Will Move Mountains said...

I absolutely love your new design, Hannah! I can barely stand to wait to see my finished blog/website! =)

Classic Kniterature said...

I love the designs! I need to figure out how to do some of those wonderful things. :)

Rachel said...

Hey Hannah! I purchaced one of your packages a few weeks ago, and I was never gotten back to... I was wondering if there are more steps I need to complete other than the purchace of a package?


Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Hey Rachel! Please forgive me for not emailing you! Things have been going ninety miles an hour for the past two or three weeks, and just ten minutes ago I was thinking that I really, really needed to send you an email. So you've done all you need to, it's me that's been behind! I'll send you an email right now...and thanks for your patience with me! =D

Emily Grace said...

I LOVE the new design, Hannah! It is very clean and professional. =D
Only your posts aren't showing up on my dashboard...=(

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Haha thanks Emily!! =D oooh, I was afraid of that...re-following should do the trick. =P