Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cowgirls and Yes, I Forgot

First, I published yesterday’s post, completely forgetting to mention what was probably the most important thing of all! Maeve is hosting a giveaway this week, as part of her Photographer’s Week, and the prize is the Professional Package (curtsey of yours truly), worth $80, and consisting of a website, blog, logo, watermark, and Facebook integration! You have until the 23rd to enter. Alright – go check it out!

My sister finally decided that she wanted to get a blog. She’s in the process of starting a craft business, and thought it’d be fun to have a personal blog along with her website. =) So I designed her blog today (it was a different experience to have your client sitting next to you as you work) and we finished up tonight! =D She wanted a cowgirl/Carrie Underwood look, and I think we pulled it off. ;) Check it out here and follow her – she’s already pining away because she only has two followers! ;)

Fullscreen capture 6182011 102851 PM.bmp

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