Friday, June 17, 2011

News, Giveaway, a Blog, and More…

A lot has been going on around here lately! Rachel and I just finished up her blog design, there are three new tutorials up, two new freebies, and the homepage has some important changes.

Maeve is also hosting a giveaway! Check it out here and enter to win the Professional Package (formerly the Photographer’s Special). The package is worth $80 and consists of a website, blog, logo, watermark, and Facebook integration!

First off, check out Rachel’s new look! She asked for blues, grays, and whites, and wanted something simple but elegant. The process was fun and went very quickly! =)

Fullscreen capture 6172011 60817 PM.bmp

Check out the tutorial and freebies blogs for more of all that, and stop by the homepage, too. I have so many blogs that even I get a bit confused sometime, keeping up with everything. ;) What I’ve done is set up a news section on the homepage, so that at one glance you can see everything that’s new, whether it be a blog post, freebie, tutorial, or general announcement.

And last but certainly not least, the petition. I was so delightfully surprised by the big response I got within the first few days of the announcement, and I continue to be! Everyone’s support and help in this endeavor has been great. Now, can I ask you all a quick favor? I would love it if you guys could write a blog post, summarizing the point of the petition, and linking to the petition so that your own readers can sign it. This is something that will impact every person who uses Blogger, and I think that if we can spread this as far as possible, our influence will grow. The more people who protest Blogger’s actions, the greater chance we have of overturning this. I’ve set our goal for 2,000 signatures. I know that’s a lot, but I think we can do it, with all of you helping out! And thanks in advance! You’ve all been so wonderful. (And I’d love it if you’d all comment and let me know if you blog, and leave the link to the post! I’d love to read your posts. =) )

If you want you can take the code for the widget that’s on the right of my blog – here it is -

<script type="text/JavaScript">var Care2P_Parameters=["", "small", "single", "341213001", "0", "#7cbb42", "#eb6924", "#c739e"];</script><script type="text/JavaScript" src=""></script>

And the link for the actual petition:

Thanks, everyone! You’re all troopers!


Unknown said...

I wrote a blog post about it and linked to your blog asking them to sign the petition. :) Hope that's okay.

By the way (just making sure on this), can anyone put the petition on their sidebar, or do they have to link up?

Just wondering. ;)


Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Thank you so much, Hannah! That's wonderful! Yes, definitely! Anyone can put the petition on their sidebar...and really put up anything they want to (link, etc.). =D

Unknown said...

You're an amazing designer... and I love (absolutely LOVE) your tutorials. They're amazing... you write in such a friendly and easy-to-understand way. :O) You inspire all of us!
much love!


Unknown said...

P.S. Care to check out my blog? I just re-did my design, and would love opinions on what people think of it. :O)

Hannah Rose Beasley said...

Aw, thank you, Acacia! That's very sweet and encouraging. =) I'd love to check out your blog! I'll hop on over there right now. =D